Parenting will change and challenge you in ways you never thought possible. 
I want help you to feel confident in your body and your capabilities, and prepare you for life’s inevitable ups and downs as a parent.

I believe that strength has many forms, and physical and mental toughness is achievable for everybody, every fitness level, every size and every shape. 

However, I didn’t always think this way. For a long time I felt like I didn’t ‘fit in’ in the fitness space, but strength training has helped me to understand that with consistent work and practice comes results. In saying that, I have zero interest in the ‘perfect’ workout, and have embraced ‘getting it done’ rather than ‘getting it done perfectly’ methodology.

I have a background in general nursing. I worked in a busy Dublin teaching hospital for 10 years, but made a career change when I had my two children. Having experienced a lack of reliable information for pregnant and postpartum womxn who want to continue to exercise safely, I became a pre and postnatal fitness specialist so I could help womxn experiencing the challenges of motherhood just like me.

I have taken continuing education and specialist training from world leaders in women’s health and fitness including Brianna Battles, Jessie Mundell, Antony Lo, Haley Shevener, Sarah Duvall, Julie Weibe, Girls Gone Strong and Burrell Education.


Running, walking and strength training are a part of weekly routine.