Returning to exercise after having a baby can be a priority for many women.
Once those first 6 week postpartum are over, and you get the ‘all clear‘  from your GP, there is often an expectation to be ready to do all of the things and pick up where you left off prior to pregnancy.
However, without reliable information and guidance this chapter it can be difficult to make the best decisions at this time.

Pregnancy and birth has changed your body, and early postpartum is in many ways a particularly vulnerable time for women.

Healing is a process that is unique for each individual.
There is no specific timeline or ‘one size fits all’ exercise program for recovery.

Diastasis recti, incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse are considerations that all postpartum women need to be aware of.

Informed decision making is key to navigating this chapter.
Learning strategies to support core and pelvic floor function in returning to any level of sport or fitness is essential to achieve sustainable and progressive results that provide the  best long term outcomes.

These classes are designed for women who want to make a strong return to fitness, sport and an active lifestyle while taking into consideration the changes that have occurred during pregnancy and birth.
I want you to feel confident doing what you enjoy in 10…20…30 years time.

During the program you will:

  • Learn how to listen to your body.
  • Learn strategies to develop a strong & responsive pelvic floor.
  • Integrate those strategies into traditional strength training movement patterns.
  • Develop full body strength and feel your strongest.
  • Work toward returning to the activities you enjoy with confidence.
  • Reintroduce intensity, load and impact with control,intention and understanding.

How it works

When you make a booking I’ll ask you to fill in a simple questionnaire to find out how I can best help you.
This will allow me take your individual needs into consideration when planning class.


You must have had your 6 week postnatal check-up and been cleared to exercise by your G.P.
I highly recommend having or scheduling a pelvic health physiotherapy assessment.

Would you like more information?