Strength training for the life you deserve to live.

The changes that happen to your body during pregnancy, birth and postpartum are beyond amazing, and life has changed in ways you had never imagined.
Creating, growing and nurturing a new life is a powerful experience.

But, it doesn’t always feel that way. Right?!
With so much physical, mental and emotional change, you wonder if your life and your body will ever feel familiar again.

With the 24/7 demands of motherhood, finding the time to exercise safely can feel so out of reach. And spending so much energy looking after others, you wish there was someone to guide you personally through this life changing chapter.

Hi there, I’m Maggie, and I understand how overwhelming this time can be.
It’s the exact reason I made the career change from general nurse to pre and postnatal fitness specialist.

I help busy pregnant and postpartum people like you, who want to recover, get stronger and feel confident in their bodies, so they can live a life full of energy and happiness.

To provide you with the right amount of support at this time, I have created Strength for Pregnancy and Postpartum. Tailored to meet your needs, this is a training plan based on an individual assessment and works towards your future goals in a safe and manageable way.

Suitable for womxn who are planning pregnancy, are pregnant now or have ever had a baby.
This is an online monthly membership plan for all fitness levels, designed to meet you exactly where you’re at.

Are you trying to find time to focus on yourself and your needs at a time when your life and your body is becoming less and less familiar by the day? It turns out that pregnancy and postpartum isn’t always the glowing experience it’s cracked up to be.

You want to look after your body as you exercise and prepare for birth, but with all of the ‘do’s and don’t do’s’ it’s hard to know who to listen to and where to get advice.

Within this plan you will get:

  • An initial one to one assessment to together so we can establish your needs and goals.
  • 3 x 30 minute anytime anywhere minimal equipment workouts per week.
  • Access to support from me in the private facebook group where I will answer questions, provide information and help with any issues you might be having
  • Access to the exclusive pregnancy and postpartum strength community.
  • Learn about your pelvic health and develop strategies to help manage pelvic floor considerations including pelvic pain, incontinence and prolapse, so that they do not become barriers that stop you reaching your goals
  • Enjoy time a safe space where there are no weigh ins, no measurment measuring measures and absolutely ZERO PRESSURE to ‘fit in’ in any any way.
  • Return to running guidance and run specific strength building for leak free running and injury prevention.
  • Develop sustainable & enjoyable exercise habits that will have life long positive results.
  • A zero B.S. zone. No fads or fitness crazes, just evidence based & reliable information so that you can make informed decisions about your fitness and health.

Strength for pregnancy and postpartum is suitable for anyone who:

  • Is planning to become pregnant in the future.
  • Is pregnant now (in any trimester).
  • Has had a baby recently either by vaginal birth or Cesarean section.
  • Is weeks, months or years postpartum.
  • Wants to become stronger, capable and more confident in their body.
  • Is intending to return to running, high intensity or high impact training without injury.
  • Wants to improve their pelvic floor function.
  • Has felt left out, not heard or not understood by within fitness space.
  • Does or does not have an abundance of time for training and may or may not have access to the gym and equipment.